Welcome to Grumpy's Real Wood-Pit Barbecue


We rub our meats with our own special blend of spices before cooking in our Hickory wood-pits for up to twelve hours to produce that wonderful moist, tender, and delicious authentic Barbecue that everyone loves!  *NOTE if you see pink on the outer edges of your meat it is a byproduct from the smoke during the process of cooking. This is referred to as the "smoke ring" among Barbecue enthusiasts.


This we will not do!

  • Sing Happy Birthday
  • Fear "The Spice"
  • Serve Teenie portions
  • Cash Checks
  • Ignore Rude Behavior
  • Give Free Stuff "extra is EXTRA"
  • Behave like Fast Food BBQ!

This we will gladly do !

  • Cook some of the best Ribs you ever had!
  • Keep them drinks full
  • Ride Hogs
  • Cook whole Hogs
  • Offer interesting food choices
  • Provide great weekend entertainment
  • Take our Barbecue on the road with our Catering Service.
  • Treat you more personal than a chain restaurant!

Bar & Entertainment

Since day one, we have been hosting live music on the weekends.  Our bar is known for its relaxed atmosphere to grab a cold beverage and a good time. When it's time for the live music, we transform our fireplace dining area to host the area's best bands. 

Take out options

We are happy to prepare your To Go order for you through our Grumpy's Bar-B-Que Roadhouse App & Chow Now.

  1. You can submit your order online, right now, by hitting the "Order Now" button at the top or bottom of this page. 
  2. Download and Order anytime from the Grumpy's Bar-B-Que Roadhouse App. 

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